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Юридичний лікбез: Відповідальність лікаря при роботі з пацієнтами

"Allergy, immunity and lesions of the oral cavity: what do they have in common"

Scientific-practical conference

January 26, 2023 | online



5BPR points 


!!!! The program is at the stage of formation. Changes are possible

  • Acute infectious stomatitis (enteroviral, herpetic, other): causes and help

  • Recurrent aphthous stomatitis – the role of inborn errors of immunity in its development (neutropenia, STAT1 GOF, other chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis, RELA, Crohn's, etc.)

  • Oral care and prevention of relapses of aphthous stomatitis (dialogue with the dentist)

  • Allergy to anesthetics in the practice of a dentist - debatable issues of diagnosis

  • Hereditary angioedema, features of management during dental interventions


Єгор Доненко, юрист First One Group

Єгор Доненко

Юрист FIRST ONE GROUP, магістр права, практикуючий юрист з 5-річним досвідом


Scientific organizer

лого ММАМП

Technical organizer

First One Group логотип
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