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  • Can't make payment for registration, what to do?
    Payment can be made in an additional way using the details of UA833808050000000026002710954
  • Am I registered or will I receive a confirmation?
    Yes, within 3 working days you will receive a confirmation letter in your mailbox. Importantly! Be sure to check your Spam and Promotions folder.
  • The link in the letter is inactive, what should I do?
    If the email got into the "Spam" folder, the links in it will not be active, you need to move this email to your inbox, then this link will be active.
  • How do I get a certificate?
    To receive a certificate, you need to pay the full cost of participation in the event and pass a test in which you must get 60% of the correct answers.
  • Passed the test, when can I expect a certificate with BPR points?
    The certificate will be sent to your e-mail within a month after passing the test. Be sure to check your Spam and Promotions folders
  • How to become a member of the NGO MMAMP?
    This can be done at the link< /u>
  • Will I receive a reminder when the event starts?
    Yes, you will receive a letter the day before the event and an additional letter one hour before the start.
  • I paid for the event, when will I receive the registration form?
    The questionnaire does not come individually, you need to go to the event page again and select the "Register" button next to the "Payment" button.
  • Didn't receive a letter in the mail by the specified deadline?
    The confirmation letter should have come from the NGO "MMAMP" ( If you do not find this letter in your inbox, then: - Check your Spam folder; - Check the Promotions folder; - Try subscribing to our newsletter again using the link b825034a89/; - If the situation remains unchanged, please write a letter to .
  • When is the testing due after the event, and how much time do I have to complete it?
    Testing comes within a few hours after the end of the event, that is, you will have exactly 3 days to complete it.
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