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Public offer agreement

This Public Agreement (offer) (hereinafter referred to as the Public Offer) is addressed to an indefinite number of members or non-members of the International Interdisciplinary Association of Medical Professionals, Individuals and / or Legal Entities (hereinafter referred to as the Philanthropist) and is in accordance with Article 633 of the Civil Code. Of Ukraine by the official and public proposal of the PUBLIC ORGANIZATION “INTERNATIONAL INTERDISCIPLINARY ASSOCIATION OF MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS” (in accordance with Agreement "), under the following conditions:



1.1. Public Offer - a proposal of a public organization posted on the Site and addressed to any member or non-member of the association, individual and / or legal entity, including, but not limited to, the Benefactor, in accordance with Article 641 of the Civil Code of Ukraine to enter into an agreement with her conditions contained in the public offer.

1.2. Acceptance - full and unconditional acceptance by the Philanthropist of the Public Offer of the NGO by making actions to make a money transfer using payment forms and funds posted on the Site, as well as by transferring funds to the current account of the NGO through banks. The moment of Acceptance is the fact of money transfer and / or crediting of funds to the bank current account of the Public Organization.

1.3. Charitable donation is a gratuitous transfer of funds by the Philanthropist to the Public Organization in order to achieve certain goals and programs of the Public Organization in accordance with its Charter, this Agreement and the Law of Ukraine "On Public Associations".

1.4. Philanthropist - a member or non-member of the association, an able-bodied individual or legal entity of private law, which has accepted this Public Offer and voluntarily makes a charitable donation.

1.5. Website - the website of the NGO on the Internet at:


2.1. The subject of this Agreement is the gratuitous and voluntary transfer of funds by the Philanthropist to the ownership of the Public Organization through the implementation of a voluntary Charitable donation aimed at ensuring the implementation of the NGO's statutory activities.

2.3. The subject of this Agreement is not the receipt of direct or indirect profits by any of the Parties to this Agreement.


3.1. The purpose of this Agreement is to achieve a socially useful goal through the accumulation of charitable contributions for:

- support of scientific and educational  and educational projects of the Public Organization;

- holding symposiums, conferences, webinars and other events of the Public Organization;

- realization of the statutory goals of the Public Organization.


4.1. Acceptance of the Public Offer means that the Benefactor agrees with all the terms of this Public Offer, understands and agrees that the Charitable Donation will be used to achieve the goals and programs of the Charter of the NGO, which he can read by sending a request to info @

4.2. The Philanthropist understands and unquestionably agrees with the right of the NGO to use part of the Philanthropist's Charitable Donation for the administrative expenses of the NGO, in the amount not exceeding the legislation of Ukraine.

4.3. The Parties agree that from the moment the Benefactor accepts this Public Offer, this Agreement is considered concluded in writing in accordance with Articles 207, 639, 641 and 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine. However, the Parties agree that failure of the parties to comply with the written form of the transaction does not mean its invalidity.


5.1. The public organization has the right to:

- receive Charitable donations and use them in accordance with the subject and terms of this Agreement and its statutory activities;

- without the consent of the Benefactor to change the directions of use of the Charitable donation within the statutory activities of the Public Organization;

- without the consent of the Philanthropist to use part of the Charitable donation for administrative expenses of the Public organization in the amount provided by the legislation of Ukraine;

5.2. The public organization is obliged to:

- in case of using the Charitable Donation contrary to the purposes of this Agreement to return the money to the Benefactor on the basis of his written application, which must be sent by registered letter describing the attachment to the legal address of the NGO specified on the Site;

- provide at the written request of the Benefactor, which must be sent by registered mail with a description of the attachment to the legal address of the NGO, listed on the Site, a report on the use of charitable donations.

5.3. Philanthropist's rights:

- to provide a Charitable Donation to the Public Organization without restrictions on the size and number of times;

- join the NGO and pay membership fees;

- Participate in loyalty programs of the NGO;

- refuse to publish the Benefactor's data by the Public Organization (surname, name and patronymic or commercial name of the Benefactor) as the Benefactor on the Site or in any mass media.

5.4. Responsibilities of the Philanthropist:

- to get acquainted with the terms of this Public Offer before its acceptance. In case of disagreement of the Benefactor with any of the terms of this Public Offer, he must not accept it and must leave the website of the Site, which provides the possibility of making a charitable donation.


6.1. Public fundraising continues until the termination of the NGO (including by liquidation), unless another deadline is determined by the decision of the NGO, which the Benefactor will be notified by posting relevant information on the Site.


7.1. The use of Charitable Donations collected under the Agreement is carried out in accordance with the goals set by the statutory activities of the Public Organization and the current legislation of Ukraine.

7.2. The public organization disposes of Charitable donations at its own discretion within the limits established by its Statute.

7.3. Charitable donations received by the Public Organization may be returned to the Benefactor only in cases provided by the legislation of Ukraine.


8.1. The public organization is responsible in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine for violating the terms of this Agreement and the use of charitable donations contrary to the procedure provided by the statutory activities of the public organization and the legislation of Ukraine.


9.1. By accepting the Acceptance, the Beneficiary confirms that he is acquainted with and gives permission for the processing of his personal data in order to fulfill the terms of the Public Offer.

9.2. By accepting the Public Offer, the Benefactor confirms that he is aware of his rights under the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection". The scope of the Benefactor's rights as a subject of personal data in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection" is known and understood by him.

9.3. By accepting the Public Offer, the Benefactor agrees to the NGO to process, collect, store, use and disclose his personal data by the NGO in any manner prescribed by current legislation of Ukraine, in connection with the statutory activities of the NGO and in the manner prescribed by law Of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection" and local acts of the Public


10.1. All expenses (payment of commission, etc.) related to the implementation of the Charitable Donation by the Philanthropist shall be borne by the Philanthropist.

10.2. The public organization is released from liability for the disclosure of personal data obtained in accordance with the law from publicly available sources, as well as information and data that have been disclosed or published or otherwise available in the media and the Internet.



Identification code 43874803

Location address: 01042, Kyiv, Maria Pryimachenko Boulevard, 1/27, office 503

Account in IBAN format UA833808050000000026002710954


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