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Charitable fundraising to help newborns


Dear colleagues and friends! Ukraine is facing a very difficult time, where many people needs help. Due to hostilities, many areas of medicine need additional funding and assistance. We were approached by the Kyiv City Maternity Hospital №2, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, to help them with some equipment needs.

The needs are:

  • Contour to the device of artificial ventilation of lungs for newborns

  • Viral and bacterial filters for the device of artificial ventilation of lungs for newborns

​These contours are expensive and currently not available to hospitals. But this does not stop the illness of young Ukrainians, who need an immediate response and the help of doctors. We ask for your help in raising funds for the purchase of circuits and filters for newborns. Each of your donation is an invaluable contribution to the lives of little Ukrainians.

Make your donation at your own discretion by clicking the button below. After raising funds and purchasing everything Neonatal Intensive Care Unit needs, we will provide Reports HERE.

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